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Transition for SEND Pupils

How does the school support pupils with SEND during transition?

We aim to make times of transition as easy as possible for the children in our school. 

Preparing for the next step
Transition is a part of life for all learners. This can be transition to a new class in school, having a new teacher, or moving on to another school. Sacred Heart Primary school is committed to working in partnership with children, families and other providers to ensure positive transitions occur. 

Transition to new classes 
Every child will have a period of time with their new class teacher in their new classroom in July of every academic year to enable children to become familiar with their new teacher, LSP and new
 environment. Some children will require more time to adjust than others Planning for transition is a part of our provision for all learners with SEND.

Moving classes will be discussed with you and your child at review meetings and appropriate actions put into place, for example -

- your child may spend certain afternoons in their new class to prepare them for the change in teacher and classroom,

- your child may have a social story read to them at school and a copy sent home in preparation for the move to their new class

- we also provide transition groups with our Nurture Lead in the summer term.

Transition to secondary schools will be discussed in the summer term of their Year 5, to ensure time for planning and preparation including frequent visits to their new school. 

Transition from Sacred Heart Primary  
Refer to Sandwell Transition Plus Document (copy in school)
Liaise with secondary school SEND Leaders and Mentors through meetings to discuss provision required
Transference of all SEND records promptly
Follow carefully designed transition programme (with input from Inclusion Support team) for specific pupils
Organise regular visits for the child to the new setting to ensure a smooth transition (if needed)