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R.E related themed days & events

Throughout the year, children and staff will celebrate different religious and cultural festivals during R.E lessons. Take a look below to see some of the themed days we have celebrated.



We celebrated harvest the week beginning 3rd October.

During this week:

-We collected non-perishable food items to donate to the Black Country Food Bank. 

-Classes had discussions about what harvest is all about & why we donate food as well as taking part in Harvest related activities.

See below for the activities that we enjoyed taking part in:

Bonfire Night


We had a bonfire themed day on Friday 4th November.

Classes learnt about Bonfire Night & we enjoyed taking part in bonfire related activities including a sparkler experience, singing songs & some Bonfire Night poetry.

See below for the activities that we enjoyed taking part in:

Remembrance Day


We commemorated Remembrance Day on Friday 11th November.

In the lead up to this day each class made a poppy wreath. At 11 o'clock on Friday 11th November, the whole school congregated around our poppy tree memorial and each class presented their wreaths, then everyone took part in a two minute silence to remember our brave soldiers. 

World Religion Day


We celebrated World Religion Day on Friday 14th January. 

World religion day promotes interfaith understanding and harmony. It encourages all religions to recognise the similarities between them and it highlights that religion plays a role in bringing humanity together.   

We thought about the 6 main religions (Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddishm, Sikhism and Judaism) and years 5 & 6 also had a think about some religions that are less well known (Babsim, Haymanot, Meivazhi, Nastik, Manchu).

See below for the activities that we enjoyed taking part in:

Chinese New Year


We celebrated Chinese New Year on Tuesday 1st February. This year is the year of the tiger. We looked at how this special time is celebrated in China and had a little quiz based on our learning. All classes had a research & creative task to undertake. The research task included finding out about the animal for the year that they were born and the characteristics of that animal. The creative task for each year group was decided by our school council representatives.

See below for the activities that we enjoyed taking part in:

We will also be celebrating:

  • World Day of Cultural Diversity

in the coming weeks.