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Year 3 have been looking at artwork by Eva Nichols. 

They analysed the colours and techniques used in her work, and then developed their own techniques using watercolour paints. They recapped their knowledge on colour mixing, and then used vivid and light colours, and a variety of watercolour techniqies.

They created their own watercolour painting of Stonehenge, inspired by Eva.

Year 4 analysed Green Vases and created observational drawing to create their own sculpture.

They used a range of clay techniques such as rolling, pinching and moulding, and used tools to cut, shape and mark their clay.

They created their own vase sculptures in the style of a traditional Greek vase.

Year 5 have been looking at Vikin portraits, and have developed their drawing techniques. They have used a range of lines, and a variety of drawing pencils to practise showing sading, tone and shaddows.

They applied their drawing skills and techniques to create their own Viking portrait.