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Year 3

Hello All,

Mr Bahia and Miss Rashid hope that you are all safe and sound!

We miss you all very much and we are looking forward to seeing you all! 


Activities w.c 01.06.20


English Learning week beginning 1.6.20


This week, we are going to be practising some of the skills that make us really good writers.


The first of these is subordinate clauses. A clause is part of a sentence. A subordinate clause is a section of a sentence that wouldn't make sense on its own and only works as part of a sentence. In the sentence 'I played at the park until it was lunchtime', the subordinate clause is 'until it was lunchtime'. 'I played at the park' makes sense on its own, but 'until it was lunchtime' isn't a full sentence. 


Subordinate clauses are joined to the main part of a sentence with a conjunction. We can remember the conjunctions to use with subordinate clauses by saying 'I SAW A WABUB':

I - if

S - since

A - as

W - when

A - although

W - while

A - after

B - before

U - until

B - because


Can you learn what 'I SAW A WABUB' stands for off by heart?


Now follow this online lesson to help you learn more about subordinating conjunctions.


We are also going to practise using apostrophes for possession. This means using an apostrophe to show that something belongs to someone. For example 'Mrs Butcher's dog' shows that the dog belongs to Mrs Butcher. 'Mrs Ladd's drawing' shows that the drawing belongs to Mrs Ladd. If the person who owns the thing already ends in an s, we don't add another s, just the apostrophe - 'Mr Davies' bike'. Can you write some sentences about the things that belong to people in your family?


This online lesson will help you practise using apostrophes for possession.


Lastly for this week, we'd love to know what you are reading at home. Remember, reading is so important for all areas for learning. Could you write a book review? You could use one from the website, or why not make up your own? Remember to include the title, the author, the setting and the characters. Explain why you did or didn't enjoy the book. Have you read any other books by the same author, or ones that have a similar theme?

Equivalent Fractions

Watch the video on equivalent fractions below and then have a go at the Mini-Maths worksheets.

The Bean Plant Experiment!

In this video we will show you how to grow beans. You can have a go at growing your own at home and see what happens! :)

Mini-comprehension activity

Tasks for w.c 18.05.20

Egyptian Mummy Artwork step-by-step

Have a go! :)

Tasks for week commencing 11.05.20

Can you have a go at writing your own story using this idea? You may want to use the sentence openers below to help you :)

Can you have a go at writing your own story using this idea? You may want to use the sentence openers below to help you :)  1

Science Topic - Light activity w.c 27.04.20


After reading the information in the Powerpoint, can you decide which light sources are natural or man-made?


Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Spanish activity w.c 27.04.20

Still image for this video
How many names can you remember?

Reminder: Remember to make regular use of the TT Rockstars Website 

and join us on Google Classroom if you haven't already! smiley

What was life like in Ancient Egypt?

1. Watch the video which shows what life was like in Ancient Egypt.
2. Create a poster which describes and includes facts about the River Nile, Pharoahs, the Pyramids and Mummies.
3. Remember to include pictures of what you can see in the video, for example, draw pictures of the Pyramids or a Mummy's Tomb.