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SEND Life Skills

         Developing Life Skills at Sacred Heart

Life skills are a detrimental part of everyone's daily life, however, it is even more important for our special needs children to develop these, in order for them to live an independent life.


Our Life Skills programme provides early opportunities to experience activities and skills necessary to participate in everyday life. The Life Skills we identify prior to starting the programme equip our children with the tools required for them to lead a more productive and fulfulling life, and expands the understanding of the world around them.


The programme lasts for 8 weeks altogether and focuses on a different life skill each week.

We will be updating the pictures from our club, so please pop back and see what we have been up to.

Week 1 - Crossing the road safely.


After discussing how to cross the road safely and what we need to do, we were ready to hit the streets of Tipton. We learnt how to cross the road safely and looked at the different rules for each type of crossing. Miss Rock had made us an 'I spy with my little eye' worksheet and we had to see what we could find on our walk.

Week 2 and 3 - Buying ingredients and pancake making


We walked to the local shop to buy our ingredients for our pancake mix with our shopping lists ready!

Today was Pancake Day!

We worked with the help of Mrs Smith and Miss Corbett to mix the pancake mix with the eggs. We were really good at mixing it altogether!

Mrs Smith heated the pan with some oil and then we flipped the pancakes.

After they were all cooked, we enjoyed them with some delicious chocolate spread.

Week 4 - Our morning routine