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Who’s Who

Come and meet the staff at our school.

Headteacher: Ms J Agbonlahor

Deputy Headteacher: Mrs A Everill

Assistant Headteacher: Mrs S Lishman (Behaviour Lead)

SENDCo: Mrs P Brewin 

Middle Leaders: Mrs N Baker (Phonic's Lead), Mrs A Everill (KS1 Lead & KS2 Lead), Mrs R Cope (EYFS Lead), Mr J Davidson-Pope (English Lead), TBC (Science Lead), Mrs S Lishman (Creative Curriculum Lead), Mr J Newbold (Maths Lead)


Early Years Foundation Stage

Nursery Teachers: Mrs R Cope, Mrs S Lal

Nursery Support Staff: Mrs M Carter, Miss K Grove, Miss M Filipek

Reception Teachers:  Mrs D Middleton, Ms K Jansco

Reception Support Staff: Mrs J Etchells, Mrs J Edwards


Key Stage 1 Staff 

Year 1 Teachers: Mrs N Baker

Year 1 Support Staff: Mrs R Begum, Mrs Y Richards 

Year 2 Teachers: Mr J Newbold, Miss E Thompson

Year 2 Support Staff: Miss E Massey, Miss T Azad


Key Stage 2 Staff

Year 3 Teachers: Miss E Lounds,  Miss T Rowe

Year 3 Support Staff: Mrs D Payne 

Year 4 Teachers: Miss A Dunn 

Year 4 Support Staff: Mrs S Mohammed

Year 5 Teachers: Mr J Davidson-Pope, Miss Z Iqbal

Year 5 Support Staff: Mrs L Hardie

Year 6 Teachers: Mr S Forsyth, Miss G Stanley

Year 6 Support Staff: Mrs J Steele, Ms N Bi


HLTA Staff: Mrs E Broadhouse, Ms N Bi, Mrs M Cole, Miss T Huckerby


Butterflies Staff

HLTA Staff: Miss C Dickens

Support Staff:  Miss N Corbett, Miss E Harwood, Mrs R Bains 


Sports Coach: Miss B Thomas

Nurture Lead: Mrs A Smith

Designated Safeguarding lead and Family Support Worker: Mr W McDonald

SEND Administrator/LSP:  Mrs G Greenway


Site Manager: Mr S Yapp

Office Manager: Mrs N Elwart

Office administrator:  Miss S Bate, Mrs S Heath


Lunchtime supervisors: 

Mrs Y Richards (Principal), Mrs S Begum (Senior) , Mrs S Akhtar (Senior) , Mrs R Bi, Mrs S Kaur, Mrs L Brookes, Mrs R Fatoom, Mrs M Prosper,  Mrs P Begum


Cleaners: Mrs S Kaur, Mrs R Begum, Mrs R Fatoom, Miss P Howard, Mrs D Cheshire