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Year 3 - Design and Technology Project - Construction 

Design Brief

The Frosty Snow Cone Company would like you to design, make and evaluate an ice cube shelter to keep the ice for the slushes cold, for long as possible.

It must

  • Have an appropriate insulated material to withstand the heat
  • Have a cover which is constructed and joined effectively
  • I will need to

Choose suitable techniques to construct products

        Select appropriate joining techniques

I will test:

  • The durability so that it survives desert conditions and keep the ice cold for as long as possible      

Year 4 - Design and Technology Project - Construction

Greek Sandals

Design brief: 

To design and make an ancient Greek sandal for a Greek man or woman


The sandal must be:

· Constructed and joined so that it will provide support to the foot

· Appropriate for the weather in Ancient Greece.

I will need to:

· Choose suitable techniques to construct products

· Strengthen materials using suitable techniques

· Select appropriate joining techniques

I will test:

· The durability of the sandal

· The practicality of the sandal


Year 6 - Design and Technology Project - Construction 

Earthquake proof buildings 

Design Brief

To design, make and evaluate an earthquake-proof building.

  • It must be at least 30cm tall
  • The building must have 2 stories that are each at least 15 cm tall (approximately the height of 1 straw).


  • To survive an earthquake test, the building must not collapse for 10 seconds after the earthquake begins. The weights must stay on the building.

Year 5 - Design and Technology Project- Construction 

Design Brief:

Bewdley Flood Defence Council have determined the River Severn Flood defences are no longer fit for purpose. They have approached Sacred Heart to help design and test different types of flood barriers.

Your job is to analyse existing flood defences, design your own, create your own, test them and then analyse their efficiency.

The flood defences must:

· Be constructed so the design is water tight.

· Limit the amount of water that passes through for at least 1 minute of intense testing.

I will need to:

· Choose appropriate joining techniques,

· Identify how to strengthen and reinforce flood defences,

· Recognise and choose suitable materials for creating a water tight structure.

What are we testing?

· The durability of the flood defence,

· The practicality of the flood defence,

· The suitability of the flood defence for the town.