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Pupil voice

Year 1


Gracie - 'We made lanterns. We coloured paper and then cut them out.'

Tora - 'I feel happy. I liked Diwali day.'

Elijah - 'I would like to do more painting.'


Year 2


Daniel - 'We have been learning about the Sikhs. The 5 k's and stories about Sikhs and Guru Nanak.'

Kaida - 'On bonfire day, we learned loads of facts. We had a debate, if we should put Guy Fawkes on                 the bonfire. I said not to. It's not ok to burn something.'

Kedaine - 'I liked the debate. We could take sides and answer on boards.'

Nylah - 'I enjoy R.E. I liked Remembrance. We remembered when soldiers died.'

Daniel - 'R.E helps us understand other people's religions and not to laugh. Mutual tolerance.'

Kaida - 'and democracy.'


Year 3


Valerie - ' been learning about Christians in Religious Education.'

Alesha - 'Religious education helps us grow courage.'

Valerie - 'Religious education helps us to be respectful and calm.'


Year 4


Layan - 'We learnt about religions and Muslim's Eid.'

Avneet - 'We learnt about Sikhism.'

Olly - 'We learnt about World Religion Day.'

Richie - 'I enjoyed learning about Diwali.'

Layan - 'R.E makes me feel excited and curious.'

Richie - R.E helps us by respecting people.'


Year 5


Maisha - 'I have learnt about different religions and what they believe in.'

Camille - 'In R.E we have been learning about different cultures and religions.'

              'R.E makes me feel open and want to learn about new things and cultures.'

Zane - 'It makes me understand other religions.'

Winner - 'R.E teaches the religious studies of a specific religion.'

Maisha - 'It makes me feel interested in other religions.'

              'It helps me understand other religions.'


Year 6


Jemiah - 'We learnt about Chinese New Year and we got to learn what our animals are in Chinese New                  Year and why people celebrate it.'

               'R.E helps us understand what other people believe and celebrate.'

Lewis - 'When we do R.E it makes me feel positive because we learn about our religions and God's                      important idols.'

              'R.E can help me learn about new religions for example Buddihism.'

Zakariya - 'I like doing debates in R.E since we get to hear other peoples opinions and how we get to                      discuss our thoughts.'

                 'R.E lessons help us because it shows us how others live their lives and to be respectful.'

Ivana - 'It helps me understand how other religions are made and what they believe in.'