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Religious Education

Welcome to our R.E curriculum page. Here you will find all sorts of important information about how we teach R.E across our school. We aim for children to learn the necessary skills and knowledge in this subject area to enable them to foster an appreciation of all religions particularly those adopted by the children in our school.  


EYFS: Beginning to learn about religions among children in the class.

KS1: Beginning to learn about Christianity/Sikhism/Islam.

KS2: Learning more about Christianity/Sikhism/Islam and beginning to learn about Hinduism/Judaism.



EYFS: Children in the EYFS should encounter religious and non-religious worldviews through special people, books, times, places and objects and by visiting places of worship. They should listen to and talk about stories, including key stories from different religions. Children can be introduced to subject-specific words and use all their senses to explore beliefs, practices and forms of expression. They ask questions and reflect on their own feelings and experiences. They use their imagination and curiosity to develop their appreciation of, and wonder at, the world in which they live.


Y1: Recall, name and talk about simple beliefs, stories and festivals in R.E.

Observe, notice and recognise simple aspects of religions in my own community in R.E.

Begin to find out about religions and beliefs.


Y2: Identify beliefs, describe them simply and give examples of religious materials. Suggest meanings for religious stories, objects or practices.

Give examples of what difference it makes to believe in a religion.

Think, talk and ask questions about religion and belief for myself in R.E.


Y3&4: Describe beliefs and concepts, connecting them to texts and suggesting examples and their meanings from religion and belief.

Connect stories, teachings, concepts and texts with how religious people live, celebrate and worship in R.E.

Suggest answers to questions, including my own ideas about the difference religion makes to life.


Y5&6: Explain and give meanings for core texts and beliefs, comparing different ideas.

Use evidence and examples to show how and why beliefs make a difference to life.

Connect my own reflections and views to the religions and beliefs I am studying and develop insights of my own.


Colour Key:

Making sense of beliefs

Understanding the impact

Making connections

Our R.E topics. Please click on the link to find out what each year group learn throughout the course of the year.



We had a harvest festival day on Thursday 8th October.

We collected money to donate to Tipton Food Bank (as we were unable to donate food this year).

Classes had discussions about what harvest is all about & why we donated this money.

EYFS also participated in harvest related activities such as making split pin scarecrows and sorting out harvest produce. We also learnt a harvest song (see below).



Thank you so much for your donations for Harvest. In total we raised £59.29 and that donation has now been given to Tipton Food Bank.

We will also be celebrating:

  • Bonfire day
  • Remembrance day
  • Diwali 

in the coming weeks.