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English and Literacy

Hello and Welcome to the English and Literacy Home Learning Page!


Hello everyone! Welcome to English and Literacy Home Learning Page. We're all missing you lots! I'm especially missing listening to all of you reading, having a look at some of your fantastic writing, poetry performances and having some brilliant discussions about your favourite books (and of course, your enthusiasm for the library and handwriting pens!). On this page you will find a collection of my personal recommendations of high quality resources that I've personally used or checked myself (I know there's a lot out there at the moment and it can become overwhelming). I'd love for everyone to have a go at what's available and it would even better if you could share some of this on your class's Google Classroom page. 


Stay safe, stay connected and I look forward to seeing you all again very soon.


Mr. Pope x


P.S. Parents - I am sure you are doing an amazing job! If you need any help or advice with homeschooling or resources, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. 



Talk for Writing Units of Work:

Talk for Writing is a teaching strategy that we have used a lot in school - our children love it and will already know loads about what to do! The company has produced units of work from Reception right through to Year 6/7. These are high quality resources written by fantastic teachers which are designed for learning at home. You can download all the activities for each year group here: (scroll down, find your year group and download the pack). 


Each pack contains a story to focus on to work towards an end writing outcome. You could share your pieces of writing on your Google Classroom page!


Audible Audio Books:
All children books on Audible are free and no registration is required. You can find all the books available here: You can use this with a smartphone or tablet easily. 


Here's some books that you could get started with (some of these are my personal favourite). Perhaps listen to them before bed or when you have some free time:


I used to love nursery rhymes when I was very, very young. I can still remember some that my Mom, Dad and even my Grandparents taught me! Your children will love learning some of these non-sense poems which are often funny and memorable.




 Peter Rabbit was one of my favourite tales growing up, especially around this time of   year! There are lots and lots of short stories in this collection that are perfect for story   time at the end of the day or just before bed. 




I think all of you have either seen or know lots about Harry Potter (judging by your  World Book Costumes, I think this is the case). My challenge to you is to listen to/read at least one whole Harry Potter book yourself. I know lots and lots of you have asked for these books in the library and now is the perfect time to have a go yourself! 




Literacy Shed Comprehension Activities: 

Lots of teachers use this fantastic website and most of their resources are now free. There are some high quality comprehension resources that you can download from ages 4 right to 11. You can have a go at some of these yourselves or have an adult read them to you and test your reading skills! The comprehension packs can be found here:



Poetry (by heart!): 

Poetry by Heart is an organisation that really knows their stuff about poetry. There's lots of different poems that can be learnt by heart - a challenge which I saw lots of children have a go at last term (and they were very proud of themselves). There's different poems based around different themes (my personal favourites are about cats). Have a go at reading some and trying to learn them off by heart. You could record your performance and share it with others:



Once Upon a Picture:

Once Upon a Picture contains hundreds of high quality illustrations with engaging questions and activities to try. Our children learn so much from pictures; it captures their imagination and really gets them talking. We've had fantastic discussions in school just by looking at some pictures. The website is: - you can click on a picture to get started. I'll also be posting some pictures myself with some specific challenges for everyone to have a go at.


David Walliams Audio Books: 

Each day, David Walliams is releasing a free audio story to listen to. You can find them here:


After listening to the story, think about these questions. If you can share them with a friend or an adult, then that would be even better! 


- Which part of the story was your favourite? Why?

- Which is your favourite David Walliams so far? 

- Do any of these stories remind you other stories? How?


Daily Interactive English Lesson (KS2 Focus):

Every weekday morning at 9.30am Pie Corbett presents on This is a free internet literacy radio show aimed at KS2 that includes language games, creative writing and guest input from famous authors such as Frank Cottrell-Boyce. The programmes are interactive – the children write during the programme and afterwards. All of the shows that have been broadcast are available to listen back to online at Pie is an expert on all things Writing and is a really engaging teacher!