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Autumn 1 overview


In nursery, we follow children's interests therefore we do not have particular set themes. We use observations to plan accordingly to children's interests and look at the seasons and weather throughout the year.


Communication and language. 

This half term, we will be reading 'The Colour Monster' and 'The Colour Monster goes to School' by Anna Llenas. We will be able to point out objects/pictures in the story and  to use new vocabulary from the book.

At this time of year, we will be talking about the season Autumn. 


Personal, social and emotional development

We are welcoming in our newest children into the nursery environment. Children will be encouraged to separate from main carers and get to know the rules and routine. Older children will support these children by playing and interacting with their new friends. 


Physical development

Children will be introduced to our new outdoor learning environment. This encourages children to manage their own risks and develop their gross motor skills such as climbing and swinging. 

Children will experience a range of mark making tools to support their gross and fine motor skills. Children have been using chalk on a large scale outdoors and also made marks in glitter and flour.



Children will be able to retell the story of 'The Colour Monster' and 'The Colour Monster goes to School' and engage in conversations about what happens. We will also be sharing other stories such as 'Super Duper You' by Sophy Henn and 'All are Welcome' by Alexandra Penfold. 

Children will continue to develop fine motor skills through the use of loose parts, using scissors and writing opportunities.  



In nursery, we take a maths mastery approach that continues throughout school, using real objects. Children will begin by sorting objects into colours. They will then be saying one number for each item up to 5 and knowing that there are 5 altogether and show the number on their fingers. Children will go onto recognise up to 3 objects without counting them, this is known as subitising. 


Understanding the world

Children will know that there are similarities and differences between themselves and other people. We are all learning about each other and know that we are all special and unique. This will be done through conversation about families and books. 

We will also be taking part in recycling week-make models from junk and knowing that when we recycle, the materials are used again and again and can be made into new things. 

We will be talking about the change in  the weather as we are transitioning from summer to autumn. 


Expressive arts and design

Children can explore the studio where different materials are provided for children to use their creative minds to produce a wonderful creation. In nursery, we believe in 'process over product'. This means that each child's work will be unique. It is not about the end product, it is about the process that children go through. Children have their own ideas and ways to express themselves, they test out their ideas and find new ways to do things. It is the experiences that children have based on their choice.