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Year 1 - Design and Technology Project - Construction 

House construction 


Design Brief

We have been asked by the 'Three Little Pigs' to design and make them a new house. 

The house must be: 

  • Safe from the Big Bad Wolf.
  • Waterproof - so that the pigs wont get wet.

I must:

  • Evaluate different types of houses. 
  • Develop and communicate the ideas of my design.
  • Use a range of cutting and shaping techniques. 
  • Use a range of joining techniques to build the house.
  • Evaluate the house I have made.

Year 2 - Design and Technology project - Construction 

Fire engines 

Design Brief 

To design a Fire engine to put out the Great Fire of London.


  • Your vehicle must have wheels that make the vehicle move.
  • Your vehicle must have axles. 
  • Your vehicle must have a body. 

Painting our fire engines...