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Hi Everyone, 


Hope you are all well and safe! Enjoying quality time at home with your loved ones! Hopefully it won't be long until we are back together soon! Thank you to everyone who has been sharing the amazing work you have been doing at home on google classroom or through emailing me! Parents, you have been amazing at supporting your little ones at home! I really appreciate it!


Story time - I hope you enjoy this story as much as i do! Xx 

Please click on the link at the top of the page or below for the full story!


Another favourite story of mine! Please click on the link at the top of the page or below for the full story!


Week 1 Activities 20.4.20


Our topic this half term was going to be 'Toy Story' and we did plan on looking at toys today compared to toys from the past! You could make these comparisons at home using google on tablets/ laptops / smart phones and look through catalogues available today to create 2 posters showing toys today/ toys a long time ago. Some toys such as spinning tops / bikes are still being produced today and have been around a long time. Maybe you could look at how these toys have developed and improved. 




In Literacy we were going to focus on getting your children to write words/ sentences ( depending on their ability ) independently using their phonic knowledge, labelling toys, writing about their favourite toy and why. 




We were going to cover naming 2d and 3d shapes and looking at the shapes of some toys to help us remember these!

( e.g, a ball is a sphere / a dice is a cube shape ) Wooden blocks are great to use if you have any. 


Week 2 Activities 27.4.20




This week we were going to be reading one of my favourite childhood stories of all time, 'The Velveteen Rabbit'. If you don't have a copy of this story there are a variety of nice interactive versions on youtube. 


This story is about how a child's love can make a toy real. The Rabbit is very special and we were going to discuss something that is very special to us

( a blanket / a bear / a comfort ) 


Can you draw and label your special toy/ teddy/ comfort?

Can you share why this is so special to you?

Can you talk about what happened at the beginning / middle / end of the story? The story has quite a sad part in the middle but thankfully has a happy ending. 




We were planning on changing our role-play area to a toy shop. How about creating your own toy shop using your toys at home and role-playing with your parents or siblings buying and selling toys using 1p/2p/5p/10p coins. You could make your own price tags/ shopping lists/ posters for your shop. 


I wonder what you will call your toy shop? 




Online phonics lessons for Letters and Sounds.


These phonics lessons are designed to cover new phonics teaching that children would have received over the summer term. 


Lessons will be live at the times below and available throughout the summer after the lesson has been uploaded. 

- 10am - Phase 3/4


Week 3 Activities 4.5.20




Just before we broke up our School agreed on using rhymes for letter formations. I thought I would share the poster with you so you could practise these formations with your little ones at home. It would be great if you could master the correct formations of all the letters of the alphabet for Year 1.





Adding 2 single digit numbers and counting to find a total.  Previously we have introduced your child to addition using the part, part whole method. You can do this at home using plates / paper plates and toys of any kind ( lego bricks / wooden blocks are good ) Ask you child to make the sets first to match the numbers and then combine them together, counting to find a total before saying and writing the number sentence to match. See the pictures of my son completing the task to show you the different stages. Try with a range of numbers - 10 ( even 20 if you can )





Can you go on a minibeast hunt with your family in your garden? 

What minibeast did you find?

Where was it living? ( under a rock/ plant pot/in the grass/mud )

Can you record your findings with pictures/labels/sentences? 


Week 4 Activities 11.5.20




This week we were going to move onto a different story called Cowboy baby. This is about a little boy who isn't feeling sleepy and won't go to bed without his favourite toys. Again there are lots of interactive versions of this story on youtube. After listening to the story maybe you could draw three pictures showing what happened at the beginning / middle and end of the story. Could you then try and write about each part. You could try and write labels/ character names or simple sentences depending on your ability. 





In Maths we were going to move onto subtraction. Start with a number -20 / use some of your favourite toys. Count them into a straight line / take away an amount and count how many you have left before having a go at forming the number sentence. Keep having a go with a range of numbers. Can parents model language such as take away/ how many left / subtract / equals / minus / less please. 


Subtraction word problems to help....


Cowboy baby had 12 Teddy Bears, he took 10 to bed as it was their bed time. How many did he have left? 


Cowboy baby had 15 toy cars. He gave 10 to his big sister. How many did he have left?




This week i took my son on a spring walk collecting lots of different kinds of leaves. We did bark and leaf rubbings and had so much fun! We also took pictures of different trees and plants we saw and talked about how colourful and pretty they were. We then went home and researched some of the names of these looking back at the pictures we took. Maybe you could go on a spring walk near you! I would love to see your discoveries too! 



Week 5 Activities 18.5.20


Literacy - Phonics focus!


I thought this week I would share with you all the phase 2 / 3 sounds your child should know by the end of Reception.


Can your child say each sound?

Can your child find and point to the sound said by yourself?

Can your child think of words that have this sound in / or begin with this sound?

Can you find any objects around your house with this sound in / or begin with this sound?

Can your child write words with these sounds in?

Can your child write sentences with words that have these sounds in?




Please also see the phonics power points I have uploaded at the top of the page ( The 'sh' sound / The 'ch' sound ) that you can use with your children!  




This week we were going to be looking at clocks and begin telling the time ( 'o' clock / half pasts )


Firstly I would like you to go on a hunt around your house looking for and drawing all the clocks you find in your house.


Next I would like you to introduce 3 key times for your children showing them what these times look like on the clock when you come to them, e.g, waking up at 8 'o' clock / dinner at 12 'o' clock / bed time at 7 'o' clock. Can you repeat this every day please? Remember which hand points to the 12 and which hand points to the number!


Finally I would like your child to have a go at drawing the hands to show some times on some clock faces.


If they are confident with 'o' clocks you can then move onto half past!


Summer 2 - Week 1 activities 1.6.20


New Topic - Where shall we go? / Off we go




This half term we were going to be looking at alot of books fiction and non-fiction related to travelling/ transport/ holidays and adventures. 


This week could you reflect with your child on your favourite holidays/ days out/ adventures you have been on please?


How did you get there?

What forms of transport have you been on?


Could you record these experiences and share them on our google classroom? This could be in the form of a thought shower/ picture with a sentence or photograph collage. 


Maths - Capacity.


This week we were going to look at understanding the terms full/ half full/ empty/ little bits. With the sun shining why don't you experiment making these measures with water and a variety of containers / jugs outside. You could then use the containers to compare and discuss which one your child thinks would hold the most amount of water out of all the containers. You could make a guess and then experiment by using the same size pot ( maybe an empty yoghurt pot ) to fill each jug counting...

' How many yoghurt pots does it take to fill each jug?'

Children will then be able to see that the biggest jug holding the most water was the one that took a lot of yoghurt pots to fill.


Quick mental maths activity - Ping Pong - One more.


Could you play the ping pong game with your child. One of you says ping, the other says pong and then you say a number from 0-20 and your child has to say the number that is one more. Go back to saying ping pong before introducing a new number. 


Week 2 Activities - 8.6.20


This week the story we were going to be looking at was 'Going on a Bear Hunt' please watch the interactive version with your child at home by clicking on the link below and encouraging them to join in with the actions.





1.) Write about your favourite part. ( see template on links below )

2.) To write the labels to match the pictures / characters from the book. ( See template below )

3.) To change the ending of the story? What could happen at the end of the story instead? ( see template below)

4.) To complete a story map for the story recording what happens during each part with a pictures and sentence. ( see template below )



Templates for 'Going on a bear hunt tasks'




Number focus!


Can your child touch count reliably up to 20 objects? ( from a group of objects by

Can your child write all their numbers from 0-20? - You can then cut these out to make number cards.

Can your child order their number cards from 0-20?

Can your child match each number card to the correct amount of objects?


Quick mental maths activity - Ping Pong - One less.


Could you play the ping pong game with your child again but thinking about numbers that are one less. One of you says ping, the other says pong and then you say a number from 0-20 and your child has to say the number that is one less. Go back to saying ping pong before introducing a new number. 




Could you have a go at creating your own collage showing the different scenes in the story just like the picture below! You could then make stick puppets of the characters in the story and use this to retell the story.




Reception High frequency word list!

Here is a copy of the 45 high frequency word list your child should be able to read and write by the end of Reception 

Creative activities


Here are a selection of spring themed creative activities you could do at home with house hold items and will not require you having to buy much. Have fun!