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Curriculum Overview

Whole School Curriculum Overview 2020-2021


The following table shows the topics that each year group study throughout the year. Links are made to English, Maths and Science where appropriate to enhance the learning experiences for our children.



Key: -

EYFS curriculum

Geography topic

History topic

Topic with History and Geography elements








What can I do?

Why do we remember?

Can you tell me a story?

Why do we have holidays?

Where are all the animals?


What makes me marvellous?

What do we celebrate?

Can you tell me a story?

What can we grow?

Why do we have toys?

Where shall we go?



Where do we live?

What’s different about our homes?

How do we find out about the world?

Are Kings and Queens really important?

What is it like where the Monarchy lives?


Why do we remember the Great Fire of London?

Can ordinary people change the world?

Who is Katie Morag?

What’s so great about chocolate?


Where did it all begin in Britain?

(Stone Age-Bronze Age)

What was life like for the Ancient Greeks?

What is Greece like today?

What was happening in Africa?

(Ancient Egypt)


What did the Romans do for us?

Why do Natural Disasters take place?

Who were the Anglo-Saxons?


Why did the Vikings come?

Who were the Mayans?

What is Mexico like today?

How has crime and punishment changed in Britain?


What was Victorian Tipton like?

How has Tipton changed over time?

How did World War II change the World?

What’s so great about Coffee?

What Can I Be?