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Parent's Attendance Guide

Should I keep my child off school?

Late Attendance


It is imperative that your child/children arrive to school on time. Our gates open at 8:45am and close at 8:55am, arrivals after 8:55am will have to come through the main entrance (school office entrance). Any child/children who arrive after 8:55am will be marked as late (L Code), children who arrive after 9:10am will be given a 'U Code' on the register. Regular U Codes can lead to your child's attendance being monitored and possible legal action taken.  'U' codes are classed as an unauthorised absences. 

Lateness not only impacts your child's learning but those around them and they miss out on learning by arriving late.

You may be called into a meeting with our attendance consultant and Safeguarding lead where lateness does not improve to see how we as a school can support.




We are aware that some appointments may not be avoidable. However, when arranging appointments for your child we request these are booked for when your child is not required to be in school, as this can be very disruptive to their learning. If your child has a medical appointment that can't be changed, please bring medical evidence to the school office. This can then be scanned to your child's records so their attendance isn't effected negatively.


Medical Evidence


If your child attends an appointment (GP's surgery, hospital, dentists, opticians etc.), medical evidence will be required to authorise the absence from school. If your child/children are taking prescribed medication and are feeling well enough to attend school, we are able to administer the medication to them as long as it has been prescribed by the doctor, has directions of use on the label and the child’s/children's name is clearly printed on it. Please contact the school office for more information if you require your child to take medication in school, we will require you to sign a permissions form prior to us administering any medication.

If your child has been admitted into hospital for any reason, please obtain a discharge letter that can be shown to school.


Thank you for your continued support with this matter.


Mrs. Mullender