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While we are working remotely, our writing is based on visual literacy clips. We will base our writing around the video 'Once in a Lifetime'. This video is set in a fantasy world when a man is sailing in his boat, through the air!  He hears a noise and suddenly gliding into view are some giant, flying turtles. 

In our writing we will:

  • Collect verbs and adverbs to do with floating and sailing gracefully.
  • Write a character description using adjectives. 
  • Write our own ending to the story thinking about where the turtles might take him. 
  • Write our own version of the story choosing a different animal that comes floating by. 


We are reading 'Man on the Moon (a day in the life of Bob)' by Simon Bartram

The Man on the Moon! looks at a day in the life of Bob and what he gets up to on the moon: cleaning and tidying, welcoming vistors, performing tricks for tourists and much more. He knows almost everything there is to know about the moon - but there's something going on behind his back that he hasn't spotted...