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Geographers at Sacred Heart 

At Sacred Heart, we strive to provide our children with the opportunities to become global citizens, deepening their interest and wonder in exploring the world and their own place in it. Through our inspiring curriculum, our children will develop a sense of their world at the local, national and global scales and  understand the interconnections between how people and the environment interact. Fieldwork is an essential part of this. Pupils learn to think critically, think spatially, use maps, visual images and new technologies, including geographical information systems to analyse and present information. They will have an adept understanding of their responsibilities within their own society whilst also having a coherent insight into sustainability of a dynamically changing world.

Implementation of Geography


We follow a detailed progression map from EYFS to Year 6 which addresses the key vocabulary, knowledge and  skills for each area of our Geography Curriculum. Our Curriculum has been developed around the interests and needs of our children with an awareness and understanding of our ever-changing climate and it's impact


Geography Topics

Wider Curriculum 


At Sacred Heart, we strive to provide our children with as many experiences as possible so that they can deepen their learning and apply this to different contexts. We have linked, where possible, our Geography topics to our Design and Technology, and Art and Design Curriculum. 


Power Projects 

Each half term, children are given a Power Project to complete based on their Geography or History topic. The project focuses on cross- curricular activities which encourages children to explore this subject on a deeper level. Some activities consist of creating models, visiting museums, collecting research, preparing and making a meal etc. At the end of the half term, we hold an exhibition in the hall so that all children can walk around and look at all of the projects from different year groups. 

Take a look at our Power Project Page to look at our amazing projects.

Here is an example: