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    Butterflies Room         


Our Butterflies Room is part of our school’s focused provision offering an environment in which our autistic learners and our learners with complex learning differences can thrive. Our well-trained staff work closely with specialist teachers from the local authority and parents to implement bespoke programmes of learning for each child. Our staff in our Butterflies room use a total communication approach which allows our children with communication difficulties to communicate in the most accessible way to them and are skilled and trained in many areas such as Makaton, Intensive Interaction, Modelling Symbols, TACPAC (Tactile Approach To Communication Package), SCERTS (Social Communication, Emotional Regulation and Transactional Support), TEACCH (organisation of the environment for autistic children) and PECs (Picture, Exchange, Communication System).     



Our Butterflies Room is a flexible space for both individual and small group work. The space includes sensory areas, TEACCH work stations, sensory circuits and is used in a multifunctional way.

While the environment is ideal for autistic learners and learners who present with complex communication challenges, it is always our intention for every child to spend as much time in the mainstream aspect of school as is possible. Every child, with adult support, is encouraged to play as big a role as much as possible in every aspect school life with their class (academically, socially and on trips).