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In our English lessons, we have been reading Lemony Snickets 'A Series of Unfortunate Events - The Bad Beginning.' The Baudelaire children find themselves orphaned after their parents perished in a fire. Count Olaf is appointed as their new guardian and life becomes anything but easy for the three siblings. 


We have been working towards writing a letter to Mr Poe from the Baudelaire children in the hope that he can help them to escape from the odious Count Olaf. Keep an eye out for our letters later this week...


We are currently reading, 'Granny' by Anthony Horowitz. The children are thoroughly enjoying listening to humorous and witty story.


Twelve-year-old Joe has an unbelievably evil Granny. Not only is Granny physically repulsive and horribly mean, but she also has the look in her eye of a predatory crocodile. Soon Joe starts to suspect that she has unpleasant designs on him. But what are they and how can he foil them?