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Autumn Term - Properties of Materials

This term we have learnt about the various properties of materials. 


We have learnt to categorise and test materials into the following categories: translucent, malleable, transparent, permeable and non-permeable. 


We have investigated the effect of thermal insulators and conductors, using a range of materials to see which best insulate against heat loss.


We have also explored reversible changes in states of matter such as water, ice and water vapour. We have also investigated reversible and irreversible changes, for example: dissolving salt in water and burning toast. We have also explored new materials from chemical reactions such as Carbon Dioxide from Baking Soda and Vinegar.

Spring 1 - Forces

This term we will be learning about:


- The effect of gravity on unsupported objects and how we can measure this;

- What we mean by air and water resistance the effect of this on objects;

- What we mean by friction and how this can be useful;

- How gears, levers and pulleys can multiply the effect of force e.g. using a crane to lift heavy objects;

- How to identify a range of different forces and explain how they work together.