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Maths in Year 5

We make Maths as fun and practical as possible through the use of 'Power Maths and White Rose.' We use a range of equipment to support the learning such as pace value counters, numicon, fraction action and much more. In Year 5, every lesson starts with Flashback 4 which is used to recap learning. We structure lessons to provide children with an opportunity to complete fluency based questions as well as reasoning and word problem questions. Finally, every lesson ends with a reflection question. Children also have exposure to arithmetic tests every Friday to help prepare for Year 6. 


Children in Year 5 are expected to know all of their times tables up to and including 12x12.  This year we will be focusing on extending children’s knowledge of the four operations ( + - x ÷) and applying this to a range of problems.  Children will also study fractions, decimals and percentages in depth and in a range of different contexts.  


Below, you can find images which break down the learning and vocabulary for the year as well as examples of resources we use. 

Calculation Policy - How We Teach Maths in Year 5